The Four Pillars of Four
Green Fields

The Foundation of our Medical Cannabis Dispensary is Care

Four Green Fields (FGF) was born with a purpose in mind: to provide compassionate care to everyone that walks through our doors; to empower patients to become their own health advocates; to broaden the definition of wellness; and to inspire a revolution in the current western medical paradigm.

Two of the Stanley Brothers, founders of  Charlotte's Web , with the Donovan Sisters.

Two of the Stanley Brothers, founders of Charlotte's Web, with the Donovan Sisters.

We pledge to provide the highest quality of medical cannabis to our patients. We believe that FGF can provide the education and resources so that our patients can become their own best health advocate and explore alternative healthcare options. Our vision is that each one of our patients will become active, engaged and knowledgeable about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. In turn, we hope our patients will bring compassion and knowledge about the healing properties of cannabis to others who need relief that their current medical program is not supplying.