Our Journey

Nature's Way is Right for Our Family


Welcome to Four Green Fields! I am Julie Donovan, a single mom to two wonderful children. I have worked in the legal arena for 30+ years, first as a paralegal in Baltimore and D.C. and now as a computer consultant for a software house that designs software for law firms.

My path to owning a medical marijuana dispensary began when a friend approached me and asked whether I might be interested in investing in the medical cannabis industry. My first reaction was, "NO WAY." However, after doing a little research and discussing the idea with my sister, Beth, and her husband, an attorney, we began to see the possibilities.

Both Beth and I have witnessed firsthand how Lyme disease has affected two good friends. They have shared with us the pain, lack of appetite, seizures and depression they have battled with while trying to fight this awful condition. One of these friends, who has been suffering for eight years, told us that cannabis is helping him sleep and enhancing his appetite. However, due to restrictive laws, he had been forced to buy cannabis off the street…not knowing how it was processed but willing to take a risk because he was desperate for relief. Stories like this alarmed Beth and me so we decided to apply for a license to open a medical marijuana dispensary, knowing that we could help our friends make safer health choices.

This endeavor has been exciting, yet because legal medicinal marijuana is still relatively new, we have encountered quite a bit of confusion, anxiety and misconceptions. The word "cannabis" invokes strong opinions, many of them negative. We are here to dispel some of the rumors and untruths. We are here to answer your questions and to listen to your stories. We are here to help you decide if medical cannabis is the right choice for alleviating your health concerns. We look forward to being of service.


My name is Beth MacLeod. My husband Chip and I have four adult children. I never envisioned that at this stage in my life I would be advocating for medical cannabis, but after watching several good friends battle Lyme disease and cancer, I felt obligated to become an advocate for, and educator about, this treatment option.

I have a science background - a BA in Biology from the University of Delaware and a Masters degree from Washington College in Psychology with a particular emphasis on the biology of the brain. For more than 14 years, I taught all levels of high school biology including Advanced Placement. I transitioned to marketing for a science-based wellness company about a decade ago.

Julie and I grew up with parents who were in the medical profession. Our father was a pathologist and our mother an ER nurse. Both worked well into their seventies and demonstrated compassion for ailing neighbors, dying family members, and thousands of patients throughout their careers. We really feel that our parents (sadly, now deceased) have served as a guiding force in the spirit of true compassion as we pursue the legal dispensing of cannabis as medicine.

This is a family business for us. Our parents ingrained in us a drive to help those who don't have the same resources that we were blessed with - to muster our courage or, as my mother would say, "get your Irish up," and be a voice for people who may feel powerless. We hope you understand that it is this passion that brings us to this project.

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