Terms & Policies


This page is currently being developed but the short version is outlined below.

PRivacy POLICy:

We respect yours. We won’t give away or sell your info. In fact, the only way we’d share anything is by MMCC- or court-order.


By browsing our site, you guarantee that you are 21 years or older and that you know this site is related to medical marijuana.

The content of this site is private, however, feel free to share the web address, as well as the information with others who are interested in cannabis as medicine.

If you make a comment, keep it clean and civil. We’re about spreading peace and tranquility, not rancor and stress.


We have trained patient advocates at the Dispensary and answering any questions you send through this website. However, it is important to consult your primary care physician if you are considering using, or already using, cannabis as medicine.